Harnessing Users, Products and Services Using Marketing Strategy in Nigerian Libraries

  • Ifeyinwa Blessing Okoye Federal University of Technology, Owerri
Keywords: Users, Products, Services, Marketing, Librarians, Libraries


This paper examines the relationship between the users, products and services of the libraries in respect of marketing strategy. It further argues that an effective marketing strategy is a major instrument that keeps both the users of library product and a librarian who is the marketer or entrepreneur abreast of what each demands and what the other supplies for efficient operations in the entire library. More so, it seeks to bring together the three key issues in the library using marketing tips ranging from the concept of marketing, benefit of effective marketing, marketing mechanism or strategies as regards t the library client and barriers to the effective marketing. Finally, the paper highlights various ways to revitalize effective marketing of products and services in Nigerian libraries. Such as training and retraining even short-term courses on marketing; funds should be raise to offset the cost materials that will promote publicity and email could also be used.